Chris Griffin accepts the Dale Carnegie award after demonstrating great growth and achievement.

Embracing Growth: Chris Griffin’s Dale Carnegie Journey Inspires RDI

At RDI, we believe that personal growth and professional development go hand in hand. That’s why we’re always excited to share stories of team members who’ve taken on new challenges and come out stronger on the other side. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Chris Griffin, our Director of Leadership Development, whose recent experience with the Dale Carnegie Course offers valuable insights for all of us.

When “No Thanks” Turns into “Why Not?”

Two months ago, if you’d asked Chris about attending a four-hour night class after a full day of work, he might have given you a look that said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” The Dale Carnegie Course was on his calendar, but Chris was skeptical. What could this course teach him that years of experience hadn’t already?

It took a bit of encouragement from his colleague, Christopher Marshall, to change Chris’s mind. “The only way you’re going to grow is if you do things you don’t want to do,” Marshall advised. Those words struck a chord, and Chris decided to give it a shot.

Little did he know, he was about to embark on what he now describes as “the best thing I didn’t want to do.” It’s a reminder to all of us that sometimes, the most rewarding experiences come wrapped in unexpected packages.

Lessons That Transcend the Classroom

From the very first session, Chris was struck by the course’s impact. He witnessed remarkable transformations in his classmates, many of whom initially struggled with public speaking. “What changed me was seeing fully grown adults, successful in their careers, who were not physically capable of introducing themselves. But through the course, they went from absolutely unable to do it to confidently presenting themselves,” Chris reflects.

The Dale Carnegie Course, built around 30 human relationship principles, offered more than just theory. Participants learned new concepts each week, discussed their real-world applications, and presented their experiences. For Chris, this practical approach opened his eyes to new ways of approaching his work at RDI.

“I realized that these principles weren’t just for the classroom,” Chris says. “They were tools I could use every day to better communicate with my colleagues and enhance our services to clients.”

From Personal Achievement to Collective Success

Chris’s dedication to learning earned him six outstanding performance awards during the course. But the real revelation came when he realized that individual accolades weren’t the end goal. The true value lay in the collective growth of the group.

This shift in perspective culminated in Chris receiving the Dale Carnegie Course Highest Award for Achievement, voted on by his peers. In a moment that captures the essence of his journey, Chris accepted the award with the words, “Fellas, we did it.”

It’s a philosophy that aligns perfectly with our values at RDI: when we grow together, we all win – and so do our clients.

Bringing the Lessons Home to RDI

Inspired by his experience, Chris is now passionate about bringing similar opportunities to more RDI employees. “We’re in the business of people,” Chris emphasizes. “Focusing on building positive, uplifting, and encouraging relationships with one another is crucial. That’s where real success happens.”

This sentiment resonates strongly with RDI’s commitment to employee development. We understand that investing in our people not only enhances individual careers but also elevates the quality of service we provide to our clients.

Your Turn to Grow

Chris’s journey serves as an inspiring example of what can happen when we step out of our comfort zones. For RDI employees looking to follow in his footsteps, Chris offers this advice: “Make the most of the resources available to you at RDI. Our leadership development programs are a fantastic first step in personal growth. They help unlock untapped potential, excel in current roles, and grow influence through leadership principles.”

As we continue to invest in our people, we invite all RDI team members to seek out opportunities for growth. Whether it’s a training course, a new project, or a chance to lead a team, remember that each challenge is an opportunity to become better at what we do.

After all, when we grow as individuals, we grow as a company. And that growth translates directly into better solutions and service for our clients, which is reflected in our recent wins at the 2024 USA Customer Experience Awards.

So, what will your next growth opportunity be? The next chapter of your professional journey at RDI might be just around the corner. Embrace it, and let’s grow together.

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